I thought it would be fun to build a robot in my spare time. Inspired by the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I set out to build a replica of the BB8 droid. This project has given me exposure to working in C++, troubleshooting electronics problems, and insight into how to build a round robot. Although this project is still ongoing, so far I've learned a lot along the way.
The Body
Step 1: Buy globe on eBay & saw in half
Step 2: Cover surface with Bondo & sand
Step 3: Add layers of paper Mache
Step 4: Add layers of fiber glass for durability & sand
Step 5: Add layer of Bondo & sand for smooth surface
Step 6: Connect two halves together with...
     -Duct tape (only temporary)
     -Screws & sided nuts
The Electronics
Step 1: Connect electronics in manner shown in Figure 1
Step 2: Upload program to Arduino
Step 3: Diagnose upload error messages
Step 4: Buy new Arduino
Step 5: Upload program to new Arduino
Step 6: Connect controller via Bluetooth
Step 7: Wait in eager anticipation for the robot wheels to move
Step 8: Find a tissue when nothing happens
Step 9: Diagnose the problem
Step 10: Write a detailed essay filled with pictures as to why Pololu should send you another motor shield for free. Because I swear the first one arrived broken!
Step 11: Complete steps 5-7
Step 12: Celebrate minor victory of wheels turning with a cold frosty root beer
Level Expert: Skip steps 2-10
The Robot
Step 1: Mount electronics to the robot base
Step 2: Place robot in 1/2 shell to test
Step 3: Order stabilizing wheels for robot when you realize all it does is flip itself over
Step 4: Build support for the robot head
Step 5: Test robot in full shell with temporary duct tape closure
Step 6: Contemplate the meaning of life and why your robot refuses to be easily controlled over a cold frosty root beer
     -Programming problem?
     -Wheels the wrong shape?
     -Motor not powerful enough?
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